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iowell sourcing is the specialist for SAP recruiting services.

Since August 2008, iowell offers requirement-based recruiting through our recently started business unit iowell sourcing. Selective recruitment and selective human resource management provided by iowell SAP consultants are further important strategies to realize SAP projects.

You will remain in control of project management, selectively purchasing the amount of consultancy required. iowell sourcing provides you with SAP consultants well matched to your requirements, either in terms of permanent job positions or as external consultants (freelancers).

The expertise is based on comprehensive SAP sourcing competence following selective quality criteria.

In short:
“Individual services for comprehensive SAP sourcing competence“

VAT ID validation for SAP® systems
14:12 | 09-03-2015
Management consultants iowell provide a routine for validating VAT ID numbers with SAP® systems.

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Workshop - electronic submission of financial statements with SAP
13:57 | 09-03-2015
The German law introduced in 2008 to reduce the administrative burden of taxation mandates a procedure for submitting financial statements in digital form in place of paper-based documents.

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