VAT ID validation for SAP® systems
14:12 | 09-03-2015
Management consultants iowell provide a routine for validating VAT ID numbers with SAP® systems.

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Workshop - electronic submission of financial statements with SAP
13:57 | 09-03-2015
The German law introduced in 2008 to reduce the administrative burden of taxation mandates a procedure for submitting financial statements in digital form in place of paper-based documents.

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A typical scenario for you to make use of iowell sourcing services would be the following:

A project of yours urgently requires SAP competent staff. For prompt action, do not hesitate to make use of our sourcing services. We will meet your SAP recruiting requirements and you will manage your project and IT department under your own direction.

It is your choice whether to offer a permanent job position to an SAP consultant (headhunting area - long term strategy) or to use external partners / consultants (freelancers - short term strategy) in order to meet your recruitment requirements.

Our services comprise the following:

>> requirement analysis and selection of sourcing strategy:

Permanent job position vs. purchase of freelancers (long term strategy vs. short term strategy). Depending on your requirements, it is more reasonable to apply one or the other strategy. The short term strategy enables you to cover top level vacancies for the duration of a specific project. The long term strategy makes sense however, if you wish to offer a consultant a permanent job position in your company.

>> selective sourcing for candidates and contacting candidates:

Screening candidate profiles, pre-selection interviews by phone or face to face, taking into consideration availabilities and your budget.

>> pre-screening, quality assurance and candidate qualification:

You choose from the pre-screened top candidates whose know-how and quality has already been checked by us, enabling you to save valuable time and to benefit from our experience.

>> coordination and organisation of selection interviews:

iowell sourcing conducts first selection interviews by phone or face to face and organises selection interviews on your premises if desired.

>> contract management and advisory service for the consultants during projects:

For all projects assigned to us, iowell sourcing manages the coordination and organisation of consultants (freelancers, short term strategy) concerning all project-related aspects (travel expense reports, etc.).

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